Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yerevan Rotary Club

Today after work we went to a meeting of Yerevan's Rotary Club. I didn't even know Yerevan has it's own Rotary Club! Steve Lazarian and George Fermanian (the organizers of our trip and the housing project) gave a presentation to the club on the housing project and what we aim to do after it's done. The club had a small group of individuals who were skeptical but the majority seemed optimistic of what the project aims to do and the potential it carries.

Yesterday we went to dinner at a place called City Diner. It's an American theme restaurant and its owner is an Armenian from La Canada. She moved here to start this restaurant. It has only been open for about three weeks but business seems good already. It's so cool meeting people like her who have moved here from the states and other parts of the world to do business.

We're heading out now to celebrate our friend Andre's birthday. He's a really cool guy who knows a lot about construction and his only turning 18 today! New pictures coming soon.

See ya.


Anonymous said...

We've been going to City Diner for the last couple of months. It gives us a nostalgic piece of the U.S. We love the place, kudos to them!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.