Sunday, May 20, 2007

An update finally...

I have a ton of pictures and videos I have to upload but I'm still having problems with the wireless internet at the hotel. We're also too busy touring around Armenia, working, and hanging out to make time for a trip to the internet cafe. I'm using Kelly's computer to type this since her wirless works for some reason.

Work began last Wednesday and there's already been a ton of progress. The first house has its walls up to 8ft and we're waiting for the second batch of concrete to be poured into the blocks on Monday. The second house had a lot of changes and it will now be used as a kitchen for the school thats near it. Its walls are up to 4ft. and it'll get its first batch of concrete on Monday. We got Saturday off because we worked late Friday to stack the walls up and tie all the rebar together. Actually, some of us didn't leave the work site until 8:30pm!! But it was a lot of fun and didn't feel like chore. Mostly everyone is highly motivated to work hard and do a good job on the project which keeps all our morale and spirits high.

Well... we're about to head out to a "mexican" restaurant called Cactus right now so hopefully I'll make some time to upload the vidoes and pics... and HOPEFULLY my other group members can do some of their own blogs!!!

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