Thursday, May 24, 2007

Matt's Foam Video

I haven't been feeling too well the last two days so I decided not to go to work today and just rest. I got bored sitting around the hotel though, so I walked over to an internet cafe to upload the blog. We made a video last week and been meaning to upload it for some time. I finally managed to do it now. It's Matt trying to break scraps of foam with his head. This was done while we were on our break and we didn't stop work to do it! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,
Watch your head man. Next time use a hammer. All you've got in life is in your head. Keep it. You need it.
Plus, it's one of 2 of my best investments.
Enjoy your stay in Armenia.

Anonymous said...

This is quite entertaining.
The cheers at the end sound like whale calls.