Saturday, May 26, 2007


Ok so i finally had the time to actually sit down and write something....even tho i leave in like 2 days....its my first time in Armenia and I totally love it!!!...the people are awesome, the food is great, and Mt Ararat is beautiful.....Aline and i have a perfect view of it from our hotel room!...

Im so glad i came on this trip....not only was i able to help build 2 houses here....but i was also able o bond with 5 other awesome people!!! the expereinces that i had here, i would have never gotten anywhere else...

The highlights of this trip were : getting my hair blow dried for only $5!!!! shopping, shopping, and more shopping....visiting the beautiful churches....waking Aline up every morning bright and early at 7am :)....going out every night for food or coffee or just to hang out....having the sun set at 10pm!...and just being with people that i can relate to

Yesterday night was by far the best night was graduation for all the kids we went to the opera for a concert and when we came out there were thousands of people of all ages and parents and grandparents were all having an awesome time! we all joined in and had a blast!...there was a dj and live performances followed by fires on stage and fireworks...

oooooo the only thing that did kinda bother me on the trip was the random visits by my family to my hotel....i would just be walking out of the hotel to go eat with all of us...and they would be standing there waiting for not kewl!!!

Even tho this trip is coming to an end...even tho i dont want it to...i wanna thank Aline, Kelly, Erik, Robert and Matt for letting me experience Armenia to the fullest with them!

- Love Janette -

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